More //power for publishers.

Insights, audience access and advertising solutions that publishers can profit from.


simply more for publishers

For the publisher that wants more:

- Money
- Audience Insights
- Reporting
- Knowledge

When you access Indiaonclick, we help you improve and achieve more - simply.

Make more cash from Your Content

Turn on your content into money
Indiaonclick grants access to a complete pack of advertising tools for display, mobile and video

More tools to help publishers stay competitive at a higher level.
From header bidding to VPAID and VAST video, OnScroll InView ads and cross-platform content distribution

Provide even more for the audience you've built.
Integrated with every major advertising buyer on the face of the earth


Find out more info with Less Effort

Compare your site — in real time.
Our powerful data commons shows if your website produces, performs, and delivers more than other similar categories and publishers.

Keep your advertising partners closely analyzed — with one dashboard.
We unify reporting in Indiaonclick so you can gauge all your advertising partners performance.

Get to know your audience — in one place.
Enjoy watching your audience and all its features with the insights from Quantcast, global traffic data, and viewability from partners like IAS.


Reach More of Your Audience

Deliver content on the latest available formats.
You content can now take the formats like Google's AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Apple News with our Workbench plugin for Wordpress

Yield bigger returns with cross-device and cross-platform content.
As more devices and platforms your audience uses to discover and explore your content, the more cash and insight you get in return.


The total package:

Turn into cash your way with your choice of display, mobile, native and video advertising options

Get paid in 1 month max. — that’s the fastest in the industry – count on it

Add header bidding to your strategy with a right-sized implementation from our white glove Header Suite team 

Improve the views and engagement on your website with Indiaonclick OnScroll 100% viewable ad units

With none of this stuff:

No contracts, or sign up, ever. If you are bummed about Indiaonclick and what we have to offer, you can leave whenever you decide  

No more unsolved problems. Get in touch with a real person from our 24/7 support team any time you need help

No more Excel sorcery to get all your partner reporting in one place. Indiaonclick Unified Reporting does all the heavy lifting for you

No more delays in the performance reports. All numbers in Indiaonclick are updated in real-time, for real